Thursday, September 29, 2011

Episode 6 - Raise Your Blood Pressure

Camm begins with his aggravation over complaints about the newest version of Facebook. He also lays into people for their lack of social networking etiquette.

The duo then discusses what they do to handle aggravation. Camm handles it smoothly, and Kevin tends to take things to the extreme.

The boys also talk about makeshift recipes for guys and how to make magic out of your leftovers.

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  1. here u go camm and it's not bacon cover weniers, its bacon wrip jalapeño.

    u'll need;
    8 jalapeños, 8 oz of cream cheese, one pack of onion dip, 1lb of bacon thick or thin, olive oil 

    what u do first is get the 8 jalapeños cut them in half (long ways) and deseeds them. mixed the onion dip and the cream cheese till it has an even mix, than using an small spoon, scope the cream cheese in the jalapeños than wrap each jalapeño with the bacon but cut the bacon in half as well. place them in a flat cooking plan and late drizzle the olive oil and salt, place them in the oven at 350 till the bacon is nicely cook. all in all this should take under an hour to finish and enjoin if u guys need more recipes hit me up next time I'll tell u guys how to make geto style chicago pizza later guys

     Jessie from pizza