Saturday, June 30, 2012

Who's on Wordfeud?: Brotherly Love

I'm going to guess that this girl isn't too bright. Here's an easy way to weed out stupid people. They spell "fucking" wrong, and instead write "fucken." It's a common dipshit maneuver. Her name was RideOrDie, and the only word I could play to start was RIDE.

Kevin: Or die, right? Lol!

RideOrDie: Yup Ride or Die chic

Kevin: What do you ride?

My next word was DYE. I'm not fucken with you.

Kevin: First ride, then dye! What are the odds? Wowsers!

RideOrDie: Ha dnt trip

Kevin: Do you ever ride mustaches?

RideOrDie: Ur weird

Kevin: Ever kiss your brother on the mouth?

RideOrDie: Yess

Kevin: Did you use tongue?

RideOrDie: Wtf bye

At this point, I believe she intended to resign, but didn't.

Kevin: Did you caress his buttocks while you made out with him?

Kevin: Were you dressed as Princess Leia while he was dressed as Luke Skywalker?

RideOrDie: Fuk u muther fuker duces

Kevin: Fuck you back, brother fucker.

RideOrDie: Okayy thats guuudddd BITCH ASS NIGGERR:-)

She then changes her avatar to a close-up of her making a kissy face.

Kevin: Are those the lips you put on your brother's balls?

Kevin: Ur kinda cute. (She actually isn't.) Wanna see my balls?

RideOrDie: Fuk no bitch leave me tha fuk alone

Kevin: You know you want to see them mashed on a glass coffee table while you lay under it and diddle your labia.

Here it comes.

RideOrDie: Im fucken married ass hole u dumb puto

Kevin: Then why do you make out with your brother?

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