Thursday, June 21, 2012

Who's on Wordfeud?: Ferrets Need Love Too

This portly gal never typed a single word to me but caught my eye specifically because her display pic was of her with a few cats flanking her head. Too easy.

Camm: Oooh! A cat lady! I love me some cat ladies!!!

Two mins later. She didn't reply but she played a word and changed her picture ... no more cats.

Camm: Awww man! What happened to the cats?

No reply. Three minutes later.

Camm: I was just joking. I don't like cats. I don't even like ladies. UNLESS they're as striking as you are!

No reply. Two minutes later.

Camm: So, seriously ... the picture was small. Was that a couple of cats bookmarking your face or was it some type of neck ferret?

No reply. Two minutes later.

Camm: I'm gonna go with neck ferret. A ferret for your neck. You should be careful, some of those things carry a rare strand of rabies that migrated from one of those sand countries.

One minute later.

Camm: I feel sorry for your neck. And your mother.

She resigned from the game but after she resigned i sent one last message:

Camm: Hey! Come back!! I didn't even get to send you a photo of my taint yet!!

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