Thursday, June 21, 2012

Who's on Wordfeud?: Wicked Witch Hazel

Keep in mind that she had "N0_ChAt" as part of her username. Haha! Yeah, right.

Camm: I'm thinking of rubbing down a female fitness model with witch hazel, but in a non sexual manner. Good idea or bad?

Non-Chatterer: Lol. Why witch hazel?

Camm: Rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide could sting. Plus, witch hazel retains your skin's moisture. I'm all about the moist skin.

Non-Chatterer: Well, there ya go!

Camm: Sometimes I consider becoming obese so that I can lose weight. Then, I would have tons of loose skin to moisturize.

Non-Chatterer: OOOOOkay. This is taking a turn.

Camm: To every season, turn, turn, turn. I bet Ringo's skin is sauna-worthy moist. What I wouldn't give to caress one of those damp folds.

Non-Chatterer: LOL! Am i being punked?

Camm: Ugh! Ashton Kutcher's skin moisture looks like it was sucked in by Demi's desert-like vagina. She takes all the juices and now he's sand nigga dry. Not fair.

Non-Chatterer: I think I'm probably being punked but either way, I'm outta here.

Camm: I should go too. I have an appointment to sit in a slightly hotter than warm vat of intensive healing lotions at my neighbor's house. The tub is quite filthy actually, but the regenerative effects are nuthin to scoff at. Stay moist my friend!

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