Saturday, June 23, 2012

Who's on Wordfeud?: Pissed Off

As I previously mentioned, I ended up getting two games each with two different people after requesting a random game. I tried to get rid of this guy quickly, but it took a little while. Like my other double, his icon was a close-up of his smiling face.

Kevin: I like to pee sitting down. You?

No answer. The next day, he plays FAGS. Opportunity!

Kevin: Hey man. That's not cool. Would you play niggers if the letters were there? Not cool. By the way, you look cute. Want your dick played with?

Smiley: No thanks I don't go that way

Kevin: Oh, you like to do the playing. I figured you for a bottom.

Kevin: Do you use lube or go dry? Spit maybe?

Kevin: Answer me, bastard!

He then changes his icon to a picture of trees. The word he plays is PLOW. At this point, I try to step it up.

Kevin: Plow, like what happens to your asshole.

Kevin: You like piss play? I bet you do.

No answer. Eight hours go by before he plays another word.

Kevin: Are you peeing on yourself right now?

He resigns. The next day, he changes his icon back to his face, probably not realizing that I still see the closed out games.

Kevin: I see you.

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