Friday, June 22, 2012

Who's on Wordfeud?: The "N" Word

For this one, I changed my display picture so that the middle aged white woman wouldn't know that she was, in fact, chatting with a black man. Not that she did much chatting ... until she did.

Camm: These niggers on The Wire are way too niggerish for me. You ever watch this thing? I'm never going to Baltimore.

No reply. Five minutes later.

Camm: I mean, they make 50 Cent look like Justin Beiber!

Four minutes later.

Camm: Scoundrels! The whole dirty lot of em!

Six minutes later.

Camm: They're like wild monkeys. Maryland IS the planet of the apes!

Eight minutes later.

Camm: I don't know which is more disgusting: the big lips or the big black penises! Do I really need to see this?

Seven minutes later.

Camm: I'm turning this off. This "show" is just as screwy as pig cock.

Two minutes later, this FINALLY garners a response from her:

Quiet Racist: I think that maybe a good ideea. I cant say I dont agree with some of what you said. My daughter is going out with a nigger and Im well pissed about it but maybe you shouldnt say these things to strangurs on a phone game. You know?

At this point, I changed my display pic back to my handsome negro face and wrote the following:


She resigned.

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