Thursday, June 21, 2012

Who's on Wordfeud?: 10.5 on the Richter Scale

This one was interesting. I tried to add a random game and instead got two each from two different people. I was getting bored and wanted to get one of them to resign quickly. I chose a woman who had a nice smiling face shot for her icon. I expected her to go out with a whimper. Instead, "Wendy" got a little crazy.

Kevin: Do you like sex with strangers?

Wendy: Seriously? Grow the fuck up! This is a game on your fucking phone not a place to hook up.

Kevin: I wasn't trying to hook up. I was just asking. I don't like fat girls anyway.

(Calling a girl fat is the best way to get her riled up, whether she actually is or not. Let me tell you, it worked. Wendy immediately resigned from both games I had with her and changed her profile picture to show her with a guy.)

Wendy: First off, I'm not fat you ignorant piece of shit. Second, why would you ask a stupid question like that if you weren't looking to hook up.

Wendy: It seems to me that you are either an actual idiot that can't get laid on his own and has to chat it up with girls on a game.....

(Aren't you supposed to chat girls up to get laid? Wasn't I on my own?)

Wendy: Or you have a pathetically small dick and this game is still the only way you can get a girl. Either way it's ridiculous

Wendy: Good luck getting laid you dumb fuck. Maybe some dumb ass girl will fall for your "charm"

(Come on, ladies. It's time to think of something better than small peepee to insult a guy. If you can pull off getting laid through this game, you're a genius, especially considering the rare chance you're even geographically close to that person.)

Kevin: You got me. My dick is only 10.5 inches long. For a girl with a vagina as big as yours, that's tiny. Is that the guy you're going to send to beat me up? Does he like sex with strangers?

Kevin: I like his mouth.

Kevin: I just had sex with 3 bitches. They like my man dangler.

Wendy: Trannys don't count as bitches..... homo!

Wendy: You are what I like to call a whore.... enjoy your std's

Wendy: 10.5 you wish!

Kevin: If trannies bottom, they are bitches. I don't have stds, because I turned you down.

Kevin: 10.5. I can make a shish-ka-bitch.

Wendy: Homo. You are a need to turn your tape measure over from centimeters to inches before a scronny white boy claims 10.5!

Kevin: 10.5 is what your fat ass hits on the Richter scale when you fart.

Wendy: Wow. Back to the insults huh.... Don't you have an HIV anonymous mtg to attend?

Kevin: You call me names and complain about my insults? I use condoms. You know, those things that would have prevented all your abortions.

That was the last I heard from her. I think she gave up. I do enjoy the scrapping, even if it's make believe.

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